What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite basketball move?

What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite basketball move?

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Kobe Bryant’s Favourite Basketball Move

Kobe Bryant was an iconic basketball player who was considered one of best of all time. A part of his greatness was his ability to execute impressive moves on the court, leaving defenders dazed and in awe. He definitely had a signature style and left a mark on the game. But what was his favourite move?

Kobe’s Famous ‘Fadeaway’ Jump Shot

Kobe was widely renowned for his signature ‘fadeaway’ jump shot. It was arguably his most impressive move where he would take a quick dribble, turn around and shoot with a speedy and graceful fadeaway technique. He managed to make the shot, resulting in an unstoppable medium range jump shot. This move was iconic to Kobe and it became his signature move because it was virtually impossible to defend against. Not once have fans seen anyone else able to replicate this move exactly like Kobe did.

The Kobe Bryant Step Back Jumper

Aside from the ‘fadeaway’ jump shot, Kobe was also known for his ‘step back’ jumper. Kobe mainly used this move when he faced long-limbed defenders. He was able to create just enough space between the defender and himself thanks to the move, allowing him to take a jump shot while keeping his defender in check. Kobe was able to execute this move quick enough to give him a clean shot, making it a hard move to defend against.

The Dream Shake

The ‘Dream Shake’ is a move created and made popular by “The Dream” himself – Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon. Kobe Bryant, however, was also a big fan of this manoeuvre and used it sparingly during his NBA career. He was able to spin off from his defender before going up for the shot and making it more difficult for them to defend against him.

Kobe’s Favourite Move

Kobe was known for using various manoeuvres to succeed on the court, but his favourite move was likely the acclaimed ‘fadeaway’ jump shot. Not only was it effective and difficult to defend against, but it was also the move he was most known for, making it one of the most iconic plays in basketball history.

In conclusion, Kobe Bryant’s favourite basketball move was the ‘fadeaway’ jump shot, a move that was executed with precision and speed, leaving many defenders in amazement.

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