What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite basketball shoe?

What was Kobe Bryant’s favorite basketball shoe?

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Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Basketball Shoe

Kobe Bryant is revered for his untouchable basketball career, but many also remember the signature shoes he wore on the court. Kobe made a tremendous impact on the basketball shoe culture in the NBA, and he had many memorable models with his signature Nike shoe line.

Kobe 1

Kobe’s first signature shoe with Nike was the Kobe 1, which was released in 2006. This model was the most basic sneaker of the collection, with simple colors like black, white and purple that were said to represent the different sides of Kobe’s personality.

Kobe 4

The fourth installment of the Kobe line, the Kobe 4, was released in 2009. This shoe was designed to stand out on the court,with bright colors and a bold,modern design. This was Kobe’s go-to shoe for a few seasons and it still remains one of his most popular models to this day.

Kobe 8

In 2012, Kobe released the eighth installment of his line, the Kobe 8. This shoe was designed for maximum comfort on the court, with a sleek, lightweight design and colors inspired by ninjas and samurai cultures. The Kobe 8 was the first of the series that featured Flyknit technology, which is still used in Nike basketball shoes today.

Kobe 11

The Kobe 11 was released in 2015 and it is considered by many to be one of Kobe’s greatest shoes. The Kobe 11 came in various colorways designed to pay homage to Kobe’s greatest moments and achievements. It featured Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning system, which was designed to give players maximum comfort and support on the court.

Kobe AD

The Kobe AD, released in 2017, is arguably Kobe’s favorite shoe. This shoe was designed to honor Kobe’s legacy and also incorporate his signature aesthetic with vibrant colors, bold logos, and lightweight cushioning. The Kobe AD was released after Kobe’s retirement from the NBA and includes a tribute to Kobe on the back of the heel of the shoe.

Out of all of Kobe’s signature shoes, the Kobe AD is his favorite. It is the perfect combination of style, comfort and technology that makes it a must-have for any Kobe fan.


Kobe Bryant had many signature shoes with Nike throughout his illustrious career, but the Kobe AD will always be remembered as his favorite. This shoe is a celebration of Kobe’s accomplishments and serves as a reminder to all basketball fans of the greatness of Kobe.

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