What was Kobe Bryant’s biggest weakness as a basketball player?

What was Kobe Bryant’s biggest weakness as a basketball player?

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Kobe Bryant’s Biggest Weakness

Kobe Bryant is one of the most iconic players of all time, and his basketball genius is indisputable. But even the greatest player has their Achilles heel. So what was Kobe Bryant’s biggest weakness as a basketball player?

Starting with bad habits

Kobe Bryant’s basketball career began with bad shooting habits and a lack of fundamentals. He developed a reputation as a “gunner”—someone who takes too many shots and favors 1-on-1 play. This could have been attributed to Kobe’s youth and inexperience, but it was still a weakness.

Inconsistent performance

Kobe’s performances were often inconsistent. He could be spectacular one day and flat the next. As a result, his teams sometimes struggled to win games even when he dropped huge numbers.

Defensive lapses

Kobe was an offensive-minded player, and he often made defensive lapses. He rarely closed out on shooters and could be caught ball-watching. As the game evolved and pace and space became the norm, Kobe’s defensive weaknesses became more apparent.


Kobe was an incredibly talented player, and his overconfidence could lead to costly turnovers. His flair and showmanship meant he was often looking for the highlight play, which could leave him exposed on the defensive end.


Kobe Bryant was an incredible player, but he was not without his flaws. His starting basketball career with bad habits, inconsistent performances, defensive lapses, and overconfidence all contributed to his biggest weaknesses. Despite this, Kobe is revered as one of the greatest players of all time and an immortal in the world of basketball.

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